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Amazing sights and breathtaking sceneries.Ceahlăul Mountain, Bicaz Lake, Ceahlăul National Park, Cuejdel Lake, “Dragoş Vodă” Bison Reserve and Neamț Citadel are just a few of the amazing natural attractions of Neamţ.

Churches and tourism

Neamț surely doesn’t lack touristic hot spots. In Neamț County you can visit amazing monasteries, medieval castles, forts and even a 1st century BC fortification.

As the devout Christian country it is, Romania enjoys a large range of churches and places of worship, some of which date back thousands of years, even as far back as 200 BC. Today, most of the churches in Romania are Orthodox Christian and make up a unique collection.

Greek, Byzantine, Germanic, Russian and Ottoman influences created a unique style of of religious architecture, as grandiose as its Western counterparts but at the same time in a new, specific form, suited for the physical and spiritual needs of its people.

Small windows and dark rooms. Impresive paintings and austere entry points. The churches of Neamţ are an experience like no other.

Some of the most notable are: Neamț Monastery, Secu Monastery, Sihla Monastery and Agapia Monastery.

Unique traditions

In Neamţ, you can go back in time. Local traditions are well preserved and passed on from one generation to another. One of the most notable examples is Borleşti. Even though it`s just a small village, it has a thriving cultural activity thanks to a handful of passionate people. Hundreds of children come here to learn traditional Romanian dances, such as “Caiuţii”.

Also, a group of dedicated women managed to keep alive the tradition of “şezătoare” – a weekly gathering where they make handcrafted pieces of jewelry and clothing.

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One of the friendliest cities in Europe

According to a recent survey, Piatra Neamţ is the 10th friendliest city for foreign people in Europe.


Piatra Neamţ and Roman, the largest cities in the county, are two of the most beautiful urban and cultural centers in the Romanian North-East. One hour of picturesque driving through the Neamţ countryside is all there is between them and the closest airport in Bacău.

The road called the Cheile Bicazului will take you right through the heart of the mountains. This unique road is going to leave you speechless.

Cost of living

Piatra Neamţ % lower than Berlin 

Consumer Prices
Restaurant Prices
Groceries Prices

Piatra Neamţ % lower than London 

Consumer Prices
Restaurant Prices
Groceries Prices

Piatra Neamţ % lower than Paris

Consumer Prices
Restaurant Prices
Groceries Prices

Shopping & Local gastronomy

There’s nothing some good, reckless shopping can’t fix, right? Welcome to Romania, where shopping is a hobby. A treatment! A religion!? Maybe…

Galeria Mall, Mall Piatra Neamţ and Winmarkt Petrodava are the biggest shopping centers in the area, where you can find anything, from the best coffee of your life to the best memories of your day! Also, the newest mall in the country, Shopping City Piatra Neamţ, will be inaugurated on the 1st of December, 2016.

In Neamţ you can find some really tasty local food, like sărmăluţe and mămăliguţa, which go along very well with some papanaşi with jam as dessert. The local people produce the most fruity, tasty and natural spirit drink of your life: it’s called ţuica and you can even drink it hot.


Remember how Bernie Sanders was envious of Romania’s internet speed? He has all the reasons to be. Romania has the third highest speed in the world.

Doing business in Neamț

When it comes to doing business, Neamţ County surely doesn’t lack: smart and well trained people, amazing nature and unique scenery, fertile areas (fruits, vegetables or livestock) with eco-friendly and pesticide-free tradition of farming.

Corporate Tax

In Neamţ County, as well as all over Romania, the corporate tax is low. While any company making more than 100.000 euros pays a 16% revenue tax, anyone making less is to pay a 1-3% revenue tax. The dividend tax is 5% (which makes it one of the lowest in Europe) and workers in IT&C don’t pay any taxes.
Romanian salaries are among the lowest in EU, and even less in the emerging regions, such as Neamţ County. And because the cost of living is low as well, the employers will benefit from qualified human resources enrolled with convenient wages.

Income Tax
Dividend Tax
Revenue Tax
NO Tax in IT&C

Personal Tax

Though the standard of living in Romania is high, the cost of living (through the eyes of an Western European) is low. To put it in numbers, to maintain the standard of living of a 3000 pounds-earner in the UK you’d only need to make the equivalent of 1000 pounds in Romania, or about 5200 Lei.

English Language

No less than 74 percent of the Romanians can speak at least one foreign language. That is because 99% of the children in the upper secondary education study English.


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